Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dollar Tree Haul

I really have to dedicate this Dollar Tree haul to Ale (QueenBMakeup)!! She is always hauling inexpensive products and making it look great. This weekend, while shopping for window treatments with my mother-in-law, I came across a Dollar Tree... I was compelled to try and find quality products in exchange for my good ole' George Washington's. I was quite surprised at what I was able to find. Typically I wouldn't even browse the cosmetic aisle of the dollar store, but I'm glad I did. Here's my buried treasures!

All of this for $9! I picked up three Maybelline glosses, one Maybelline Superstay Power Gems 12-hour lip color, one L.A. colors lip gloss, two Loreal Refreshing Eye Liners, and two Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadows.

Here are swatches of the lip glosses. The first three Maybelline glosses are somewhat light, not overly sticky, the consistency is just right (I can't stand very thick, sticky glosses. And no, jizz-lips are NOT cute. LOL) The shades are very sheer but are great for applying over lip liner or solo for a touch of shine.

I have to say that I was very impressed with the Powerstay 12-hour lip color. The shade itself reminded me very much of an old MAC Pro Longwear color that I used to have. I was never a fan of the Pro Longwear, only because it was horribly drying and would cause my lips to peel. However, the Maybelline 12-hour lip color was delightfully sheer and dried quickly and smoothly. Once it dried, I applied the shimmer gloss on top and was very happy with the way the color held up. The only con was that I found the shimmer gloss to be very thick and heavy feeling. In the end, the 12-hour lip color was an overall plus and I wouldn't be surprised to see a sticker of $8 for this product in drugstores. (I actually saw it at Target, the day after I began writing this blog, for $7.99... right on the money!)

The L.A. Colors gloss was labeled "pink" eventhough it appeared red in the tube. When applied, it was very sheer and did appear more of a glossy-pink than a red. I would consider this gloss more "glittery" than "shimmery". It is fruit scented and reminds me of something you would have picked up as a teenager. I feel this would be a perfect, fun gloss for layering over lipsticks for the holidays.

I also picked up these Loreal Colour Fesco liners... One is a light, shimmery white, the other a nice, brownish-toffee shade. The consistency was almost perfect, I would have prefered them to be a tad more on the creamy side, just for ease of application. However, the fact that they weren't very kohl-like was great in my opinion because that equals longer wear, but they weren't severely dry to the point that it would skip or tug on delicate eye areas.

My only gripe with this is that the brown shade was completely unattached from the wood casing. I'll try warming it up and seeing if it will "melt" into place... hopefully I don't ruin it altogether. If I do, well at least it was only a dollar! LOL

I decided to try two of the Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadows... one in "Pink Halo" and another in "Lilac Cloud". These were very light but extremely shimmery. Being that it was my very first time trying the mousse products, I wasn't sure what to expect. It in fact, as its name implies, has a very mousse-like consistency... very light, airy, reminds me of a fluffy meringue or key lime pie! (Mmmm, fexi! LOL)

"Pink Halo" on the left, "Lilac Cloud" on the right. The pink shade is much more shimmery than the lilac. I did use "Lilac Cloud" yesterday with a purple look that I wore. I applied it to the entire lid and it held up exceptionally well throughout the day- no noticable loss of color or sparkle, no running or creasing. Great find for only $1!

So there! I finally did it; a Dollar Tree haul, aren't you proud of me? LOL Heck, I know I am! Typically 9 products would run me close to or over the $200 mark, and well... with the holidays around the corner, I've got to learn to get my beauty fix on a budget!

Feel free to comment or ask questions... lata Glamouristas!

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