Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello Kitty Smart Car? Whaaaaat?

So while browsing the net this morning, I came across this... would it be wrong of me to say, "Look what the cat dragged in?" LOL

Sanrio, along with Smart Car, has released three new Smart Car wraps. Yes, you read that correctly. LOL The three new designs now bring the total Smart Car wrap count to 22. The wraps will run drivers around $1,500, with HK being a Limited Release.

As cutsie as HK may be, I really can't see a grown woman in a vehicle that looks like a mini-van cut in half with HK plastered all over it. High schoolers, maybe, but honestly... I don't think see any 16 or 17 year old driving this around campus. They look extremely uncomfortable, impractical, and quite honestly- down right dangerous. I would not feel comfortable letting my daughter be a passenger in this, let alone drive it. I need something with a "buffer"... when it comes to my child, I wouldn't count on nine lives.

Personally, I think my big behind might throw this little tyke off balance and have me stunting on two wheels... LOL What are your thoughts on these tiny Smart Cars? Have you rode or drove one? If you had your choice of an environmentally-sound vehicle, what would you choose? Lastly, if you saw this HK Smart Car on the road, would it bring a smile to your face? I know I would get a few good laughs in, and in today's world, who couldn't use a smile or two?

*Images for this blog post courtesy of msn.com

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Contest: Your Inner Vegas Showgirl!

Hey Glamouristas and Fexies! This year I wanted to do a contest and giveaway for Halloween, and although we've only got one week until showtime, this contest will run until 11/07 to give you time to compose your video entry. Here's the deal: you've got to show me your baddest Vegas Showgirl look! I know you're going to have fun with this one... think BIG! Big hair, big lashes, big headpiece, feathers, glitter, gems!!

Here are the guidelines:
1.) Must be a YouTube and blog follower (if you're not already, no worries, click the underlined links, I've made it simple! ;) LOL)
2.) Must submit a video entry in the form of a "response" to my contest/giveaway video (may be a photo slide show or video)
3.) Please be 18+ (or have parent's permission)
4.) Open to everyone... this goes out to girls all around the world! ;)

Ready? Alright... Lights, camera, action!!! It's time to dig deep and strut your inner Vegas showgirl!

The winner of the Inner Vegas Showgirl Contest will receive the prizes mentioned in the video below... and quite possibly some extra goodies as well, so make sure you hurry and enter! ;)

(Legal mumbo-jumbo time) This contest/giveaway is being hosted by myself. I did not receive these products free, or in exchange for promotion, and I am not in any way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. You agree, by participating in any of my contests, giveaways, etc, not to hold Celestial Ambitions Inc. (Harajuku Hunnies), or myself liable for any damages or injuries you sustain in connection to this giveaway or product. It is YOUR choice to enter, if you do not agree, please do not participate!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains "She Who Dares" Mineralize Look

Hey Glamouristas! I've got to tell you... I'm really loving MAC's latest Mineralize shadows! My last look using "My Dark Magic" has lead to requests for a look using "She Who Dares". The emerald green shade in this duo is a total showstopper, it's very rich and mesmerizing!

Here are some pics... a complete list of products used can be found below.

Harajuku Hunnies Shadow Base
MAC "Slick Black" Greasepaint Stick
MAC "Lucky Green" e/s
MAC "She Who Dares" Mineralize e/s duo
Kat Von D "Galeano", "Speed Blue", "Tequila" (Beethoven Palette)
UD 24/7 "Deviant" eyeliner
Mally "Caribbean Sea" eyeliner
Harajuku Hunnies "Black Out" Gel Liner

Kat Von D "Speed Blue"

Miss Adoro "199"
Eve Pearl Black Lash Glue
Maybelline "Colossal" mascara

MUFE HD Foundation #120 & #140
MAC "Truth & Light" Magically Cool Liquid Powder

Cheeks & Contouring:
MAC "Sweet as Cocoa"
MAC "Harmony"
MAC "Trace Gold"

MAC "Myth" l/s
MAC "Show Orchid" l/s
MAC "Magenta" lipliner
OCC "Conquest" Lip Tar

As always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions or to simply share your thoughts on the products or the collection itself. :) 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nothing Like Make-Up Shopping To Brighten Your Day!

So I was in a bit of a slump yesterday and decided to hit up my neighborhood Walgreens and Ulta... Even though I told myself I wasn't going to shop, I couldn't resist the urge. Here's the goodies I scored! :)

Not much from Walgreens... just went in to pick up some cotton rounds but ended up grabbing two Wet-N-Wild "Idol Eyes" cream eyeshadow pencils for $1.99 ea., and a pack of the classic Maybelline Expert Wear pencils to throw in my kit. These are great when trying to achieve a simple smokey eye... however I usually make sure I run the tip of the pencil through a flame to soften the wax.

It was my bestie's husband's birthday yesterday so we went over to their place and had some dinner, let the kids play... and before going home, I stopped by Ulta. My original intention was to purchase the Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit... but I picked up a few extras that I'm really excited to share with you!

I have been reseraching the Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit for about a month now... Seems as though recently, within the last few months, I've been getting some cystic acne when my hormones surge during my cycle. This is cause for concern since I've never had an acne problem growing up... and I'm 31!

The Kit is $46, online and in Ulta stores, and contains the Drying lotion, Drying Cream, and Buffering Lotion. I used the Drying Lotion last night on a pimple, it claims to clear the whitehead pimples overnight... It was really simple, just dipped a q-tip in the solution and dabbed it on. I woke up this morning and it was gone! Pretty amazing stuff! I also massaged the Buffering Lotion onto a couple of areas which I could feel the cystic acne developing. This morning, after washing my face with warm water only, I noticed those areas that had noticable bumps due to the cystic acne had been significantly reduced. I was truly impressed!

I haven't had the chance to use the Drying Cream yet... But I'm sure it'll be just as incredible. I also purchased the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion and Silver Powder. The Cucumber Cleansing Lotion feels very refreshing and helps to prevent further breakouts by disinfecting (where bacteria is often the culprit). The Silver Powder has a consistency that reminds me of baking powder... I haven't had the chance to use this, but I can't wait! Simply dip a moistened cotton ball into the powder and dab onto areas where you would like to diminish blackheads, rinse after 10-minutes.
While at Ulta, I also picked up two UD 24/7 liners in "Zero"... my staple-eyeliner, along with "1999", "Covet", "Flipside", and a 24/7 lipliner in "Wicked". I love these liners... they're wonderfully smooth and have no problem staying-put! These liners are $16 ea, but well worth the investment as they are extremely long-lasting and give unsurpassed color pay-off.

From top to bottom: blue Wet-N-Wild eyeshadow pencil, purple duo-chrome Wet-N-Wild eyeshadow pencil, Maybelline Expert Eyes, "Wicked", "Flipside", "Covet", "1999", and "Zero".

You will also see the swatches of the two NYX lipsticks below...

As always, feel free to let me know if you have these products and how you like them. I'm especially curious to know if any of you have tried the Mario Badescu skincare line... since I'm a newbie, I'd like to hear your experience with it.

Have a great weekend, my pretty Glamouristas! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Have Something To Say To MAC?

Well great... sound-off and let 'em know! This morning I received an email, as many of you probably did as well, allowing you to review your favorite MAC "must haves". I hope they realize they've just opened up a whole Pandora's Box on their behinds! As many of you know, I am disappointed in MAC's steady decline in quality. If you agree, here's your chance to let them know!

MAC Review Site

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fave Lip Care Products

Good Morning Beauties!

I'm often asked what my favorite lip care products are... especially from my lovely clients and models. As many of you know, I swear by Aquaphor! Typically I will use this healing ointment before bed and in the mornings before I begin applying my make-up.

I used MAC's Lip Conditioner (and other lip balms) for several years, as part of the same routine, and noticed the condition of my lips had never improved. Though the MAC Lip Conditioner feels nice and smells pleasant, it does not heal chapped or peeling lips, nor does it protect and prevent further peeling.

From the moment I began using Aquaphor on my lips, I noticed a huge improvement! My lips no longer peel or feel uncomfortably dry. This truly is a miracle for your kissers! ;) I purchase the
1.75 oz tube and leave it in the bathroom to finish off my nightly skincare routine. This tube is usually around $5 and can be found at any Target, Wal-Mart, and many other drugstores. I have also purchased the twin pack of smaller tubes to keep one in my make-up bag and one in my kit, these are about $5 too. As for the male review; Rod typically uses whatever balm I use on my lips at night as well... and even he prefers the Aquaphor over the MAC Lip Conditioner

Throughout the day I'll alternate different products, one of which includes Smith's Rosebud Salve (thanks to a recommendation by Ree, aka Mama Fexi, herself!) I found this 0.8 oz tin at Sephora for around $6, great investment and totally worth it. This salve carries a light red tint, but is clear when applied, and also incorporates a wonderful rose-scented. The texture is light, but long-lasting, and so very smooth! In fact, both the Aquaphor and Rosebud Salve are in a petrolatum base and can be used on other dry parts of your body, so typically I'll apply it with a clean finger and rub the remainder into my cuticles... bonus! ;)

Another product I'm loving is the C.O. Bigelow "Mentha Lip Shine" in Vanillamint. I didn't actually purchase this product itself, it was included in a Summer Tote I purchased from Bath & Body Works the other month. If purchased separately, it carries a pricetag of $7.50 (but we all know B&BW always runs specials, like buy 2 get 1.) It has a refreshing, cooling sensation from the natural mint but is not tingly, which I like. Not only is this lip shine infused with natural vanilla and mint, which mingle together to create a great, clean scent, but it also claims to freshen breath... sounds good to me! LOL

For healthy-looking lips and flawless lipstick application, you want to be sure you're gently exfoliating once or twice a week to remove any dead skin and increase circulation. This will soften and plump, along with enhancing your natural lip color.

If you're looking for a great lip-saver for the upcoming winter months, be sure to check out any of these great products. I'm sure you'll love them!

Question for all my Glamouristas: what other lip-care products you've found to work wonders on your smackers? Please share your recommendations or no-go's below, and as always, please feel free to ask any questions. :)

xoxo Trinity

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sex... Relationships... Cheating... and, of course, Love!

Hey Beauties! Last year sometime I started a separate channel on YouTube for topics other than make-up. I only made about 3 vids before I stopped. My Masturbation vid, first posted on my make-up channel, got over 15k hits, more than any of my make-up vids! LOL That same vid got 1,600 hits on the relationship channel.

Needless to say, the vids kinda took off and I'd like to get back into the swing of things on that channel. So... if you've got an extra minute, check out the channel... sub, comment, and send me your questions, ideas, topics. Let's get this channel popping! :)

Feel free to check out the vid below... Oh, and please remember: if you're going to be a subscriber or watch the vids on youtube.com/RealTalkWithTrinity, please be over 18 and leave your sensitivities at the door! ;)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Products and FOTD

As many of you are aware, after months and months of anticipation and Twittering, MAC dropped their latest collection right before your last pay-day... or first of the month, whichever way you roll! LOL

To be completely honest, I was not impressed by much of the collection. I truly believe this had the power to be one of MAC's biggest launches... I don't remember this much buzz over many of their collections, aside from '07's Barbie or 09's Hello Kitty launches. The fact that many of the products were colors from the permanent line, or re-promotes, took a lot of the "oooh & ahhh" factor away.

However, with that being said, I did manage to find four items that I decided I wanted... and agreed to pay full-price for. Does that sound spoiled or what?? LOL I refuse to pay full-price for packaging on items I find less than stunning! What I did pick up were the two mineralized shadows from the Maleficent Collection, the "Slick Black" Greasepaint Stick, and "Truth & Light" Magically Cool Liquid Powder from the Dr. Facilier Collection.

The mineralized shadows in "My Dark Magic" and "She Who Dares" were the only two shadows I had to own. The glitter in these two shadows are the type that make you say, "ooohweee!!" LOL "My Dark Magic" reminded me a lot of "Young Punk", which was released last year with the first Greasepaint Sticks...

The "Slick Black" Greasepaint Stick was a must-have for me because whenever you do a smokey eye, you need a base that holds up and fights creasing throughout the day... Being that the greasepaint sticks are movable and blend-able until it sets, these are great options for creating a base for dark shadows.

The Magically Cool Liquid Powder boasts a 70% H2o content... which is why when it hits your skin, it delivers a burst of refreshment, kind of similar to the feeling you get when misting Fix+ across your skin. The powder itself is very light and fine. I only picked up "Truth & Light"... I actually purchased the last one at the Town Square location in Vegas. I'm thinking of picking up "Cajun" because this powder is just that cool... After applying my make-up, but before applying mascara or false lashes, I'll hit the highlight areas on my face with this powder. The reflective/shimmery properties aren't overpowering, so you could use it as an all-over if you wish...just don't expect this to take away any sheen or act as a heavier, setting powder. Also, make sure your brush is dry... when the MAC artist was showing me this powder, it was literally rolling up- not good when you're trying to sell a product! However, I had no problems when using it at home with a big, fluffy, DRY powder brush. Just be sure you don't leave this powder in your car after purchasing... store it in a cool place, if not, I was told this could melt... yikes!

Soooo... that was my MAC VV trip. Hope you've enjoyed it! I've included some pics of my FOTD created with "My Dark Magic", "Slick Black" Greasepaint Stick, and the "Truth & Light" Cooling Powder... YouTube video will follow, so make sure you're subbed to --> My YouTube Channel <--

 This is the look w/ an OCC Lip Tar mix of "Katricia", "Feathered", and "Clear"
It looked okay in the pics, but didn't turn out well for the vid... so I changed it to the lippie below...

This lippie was MAC "Magenta" Lip Liner, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in #9, and MAC "Ban This" Lipglass. Other than that, everything else was the same... just different lighting. :)

*All product images are courtesy of MAC