Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fave Lip Care Products

Good Morning Beauties!

I'm often asked what my favorite lip care products are... especially from my lovely clients and models. As many of you know, I swear by Aquaphor! Typically I will use this healing ointment before bed and in the mornings before I begin applying my make-up.

I used MAC's Lip Conditioner (and other lip balms) for several years, as part of the same routine, and noticed the condition of my lips had never improved. Though the MAC Lip Conditioner feels nice and smells pleasant, it does not heal chapped or peeling lips, nor does it protect and prevent further peeling.

From the moment I began using Aquaphor on my lips, I noticed a huge improvement! My lips no longer peel or feel uncomfortably dry. This truly is a miracle for your kissers! ;) I purchase the
1.75 oz tube and leave it in the bathroom to finish off my nightly skincare routine. This tube is usually around $5 and can be found at any Target, Wal-Mart, and many other drugstores. I have also purchased the twin pack of smaller tubes to keep one in my make-up bag and one in my kit, these are about $5 too. As for the male review; Rod typically uses whatever balm I use on my lips at night as well... and even he prefers the Aquaphor over the MAC Lip Conditioner

Throughout the day I'll alternate different products, one of which includes Smith's Rosebud Salve (thanks to a recommendation by Ree, aka Mama Fexi, herself!) I found this 0.8 oz tin at Sephora for around $6, great investment and totally worth it. This salve carries a light red tint, but is clear when applied, and also incorporates a wonderful rose-scented. The texture is light, but long-lasting, and so very smooth! In fact, both the Aquaphor and Rosebud Salve are in a petrolatum base and can be used on other dry parts of your body, so typically I'll apply it with a clean finger and rub the remainder into my cuticles... bonus! ;)

Another product I'm loving is the C.O. Bigelow "Mentha Lip Shine" in Vanillamint. I didn't actually purchase this product itself, it was included in a Summer Tote I purchased from Bath & Body Works the other month. If purchased separately, it carries a pricetag of $7.50 (but we all know B&BW always runs specials, like buy 2 get 1.) It has a refreshing, cooling sensation from the natural mint but is not tingly, which I like. Not only is this lip shine infused with natural vanilla and mint, which mingle together to create a great, clean scent, but it also claims to freshen breath... sounds good to me! LOL

For healthy-looking lips and flawless lipstick application, you want to be sure you're gently exfoliating once or twice a week to remove any dead skin and increase circulation. This will soften and plump, along with enhancing your natural lip color.

If you're looking for a great lip-saver for the upcoming winter months, be sure to check out any of these great products. I'm sure you'll love them!

Question for all my Glamouristas: what other lip-care products you've found to work wonders on your smackers? Please share your recommendations or no-go's below, and as always, please feel free to ask any questions. :)

xoxo Trinity


MakeupJunkie88 said...

i ♥ C.O. Bigelow!! i always buy three tubes and they last forever!!! i luv they way they make ur lips tingle and they always heal my chapped lips!!!

trinity said...

i know, i love it too! it's one of my new faves and i'm happy it was included with the summer tote, otherwise i probably would've never thought to have tried it.

thanks for the comment... have a great day, beautiful! :)

socialitedreams said...

my mom is OBSESSED with aquaphor these days, I should check it out for the winter months :D great post


Drea J. said...

aquaphor ftw! I love that stuff. Karma's pediatrician suggested it for her eczema, which was a total fail, but on my lips I fell in love with it, thank God cuz that ish is not cheap and I refused to waste it lmao.

Now I'm trying to get my hands on Ultrabalm from LUSH since I never did b4 I quit.