Sunday, October 3, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Products and FOTD

As many of you are aware, after months and months of anticipation and Twittering, MAC dropped their latest collection right before your last pay-day... or first of the month, whichever way you roll! LOL

To be completely honest, I was not impressed by much of the collection. I truly believe this had the power to be one of MAC's biggest launches... I don't remember this much buzz over many of their collections, aside from '07's Barbie or 09's Hello Kitty launches. The fact that many of the products were colors from the permanent line, or re-promotes, took a lot of the "oooh & ahhh" factor away.

However, with that being said, I did manage to find four items that I decided I wanted... and agreed to pay full-price for. Does that sound spoiled or what?? LOL I refuse to pay full-price for packaging on items I find less than stunning! What I did pick up were the two mineralized shadows from the Maleficent Collection, the "Slick Black" Greasepaint Stick, and "Truth & Light" Magically Cool Liquid Powder from the Dr. Facilier Collection.

The mineralized shadows in "My Dark Magic" and "She Who Dares" were the only two shadows I had to own. The glitter in these two shadows are the type that make you say, "ooohweee!!" LOL "My Dark Magic" reminded me a lot of "Young Punk", which was released last year with the first Greasepaint Sticks...

The "Slick Black" Greasepaint Stick was a must-have for me because whenever you do a smokey eye, you need a base that holds up and fights creasing throughout the day... Being that the greasepaint sticks are movable and blend-able until it sets, these are great options for creating a base for dark shadows.

The Magically Cool Liquid Powder boasts a 70% H2o content... which is why when it hits your skin, it delivers a burst of refreshment, kind of similar to the feeling you get when misting Fix+ across your skin. The powder itself is very light and fine. I only picked up "Truth & Light"... I actually purchased the last one at the Town Square location in Vegas. I'm thinking of picking up "Cajun" because this powder is just that cool... After applying my make-up, but before applying mascara or false lashes, I'll hit the highlight areas on my face with this powder. The reflective/shimmery properties aren't overpowering, so you could use it as an all-over if you wish...just don't expect this to take away any sheen or act as a heavier, setting powder. Also, make sure your brush is dry... when the MAC artist was showing me this powder, it was literally rolling up- not good when you're trying to sell a product! However, I had no problems when using it at home with a big, fluffy, DRY powder brush. Just be sure you don't leave this powder in your car after purchasing... store it in a cool place, if not, I was told this could melt... yikes!

Soooo... that was my MAC VV trip. Hope you've enjoyed it! I've included some pics of my FOTD created with "My Dark Magic", "Slick Black" Greasepaint Stick, and the "Truth & Light" Cooling Powder... YouTube video will follow, so make sure you're subbed to --> My YouTube Channel <--

 This is the look w/ an OCC Lip Tar mix of "Katricia", "Feathered", and "Clear"
It looked okay in the pics, but didn't turn out well for the vid... so I changed it to the lippie below...

This lippie was MAC "Magenta" Lip Liner, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in #9, and MAC "Ban This" Lipglass. Other than that, everything else was the same... just different lighting. :)

*All product images are courtesy of MAC


BBCreations said...

Great FOTD! MY VV list was huge and now the only thing I want is the cooling powder.

Alisa said...

Beautiful look!! I absolutely love it!

Onjel said...

I like this...especially with the fuchsia lip. Looks sultry lol.
How do you like the MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks? I've been dying to go check out the colors and buy one but i haven't had time..

MakeupJunkie88 said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! ♥ it!

K&T Makeup Artistry said...

Very very pretty! You did a great job...loving your hair too...where can I buy some just like that lol

trinity said...

@La- definitely pick it up... i'm thinking of going back and getting the "cajun" powder too. you better hurry before they're gone!

@alisa- thanks hun! :)

@onjel- thanks, luv! :) Yes, I like the MUFE, very vibrant colors... i only have two, that one and the purple. it's not very creamy though, which sucks because my lips are already dry. :( but it has great staying-power! :)

@makeupjunkie88!! hey girly! thanks! :)

@tia- thanks, mama! :) lmao@ where can you buy some hair like this! you can buy it off me... or we can swap, i want some of yall's wigs! LOL

Taylor said...

I actually experienced the "balling up" that the magically cooling does. I dabbed a sample on the outside of my hand from my finger and it rolled around like playdoh. I almost didn't buy it because of that.

I snagged all nail lacquers (returning 2 bc color payoff isn't good.. keeping bad fairy but not happy that it wore at the tips easily), bite of apple (2 of them but returning unused one), brash & bold/push the line pigments, she who dares, violetta, toxic tales, resort life, & revenge is sweet. Overall nice collection but really had some downers with it.

trinity said...

hi taylor! wow, you hauled your lil butt off, didn't you?? lol how do you like "bite of an apple" blush? i thought about picking that up but i'm not much of a blushy kinda-girl... did you get the mineralized shadows?? how do you like "push the edge" pigment? i didn't even swatch it, was thinking of going back, but i hate buying the new pigments cause i feel ripped off! lol i'm glad i'm not the only one who experienced the powder rolling up, i hadn't heard of it happeneing to anyone else... thought it was just me! thanks for sharing! :)