Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello Kitty Smart Car? Whaaaaat?

So while browsing the net this morning, I came across this... would it be wrong of me to say, "Look what the cat dragged in?" LOL

Sanrio, along with Smart Car, has released three new Smart Car wraps. Yes, you read that correctly. LOL The three new designs now bring the total Smart Car wrap count to 22. The wraps will run drivers around $1,500, with HK being a Limited Release.

As cutsie as HK may be, I really can't see a grown woman in a vehicle that looks like a mini-van cut in half with HK plastered all over it. High schoolers, maybe, but honestly... I don't think see any 16 or 17 year old driving this around campus. They look extremely uncomfortable, impractical, and quite honestly- down right dangerous. I would not feel comfortable letting my daughter be a passenger in this, let alone drive it. I need something with a "buffer"... when it comes to my child, I wouldn't count on nine lives.

Personally, I think my big behind might throw this little tyke off balance and have me stunting on two wheels... LOL What are your thoughts on these tiny Smart Cars? Have you rode or drove one? If you had your choice of an environmentally-sound vehicle, what would you choose? Lastly, if you saw this HK Smart Car on the road, would it bring a smile to your face? I know I would get a few good laughs in, and in today's world, who couldn't use a smile or two?

*Images for this blog post courtesy of msn.com

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Drea J. said...

LMAO @ ridin on two wheels! You have a point though I'd be scared to get in it &/or let my child in one!