Monday, November 1, 2010

Coco as Avatar!

Wow... can you believe it's November 1st? Where did 2010 go? I could really use some help in slowing down the time lately... LOL

Yesterday was Halloween and Coco decided she wanted to be an Avatar this year. We purchased her costume from Halloween City for about $25 and I did her make-up. She braided her own hair and wore some furry boots... it was really cute and we had a great time. She especially loved all the attention she got and even posed for a few pictures.

I used the Temptu airbrush system for the blue base... a mixture of their blue and white SB make-up. The stripes were created with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk and the HHC Gel Liner in Oceanic. Using the same Gel Liner, I lined her eyes in a cat-shape. I took a dot-tool I use for my nails and dabbed white SB airbrush make-up at the ends of her stripes. I brushed a little of a rust color found in one of my Smashbox palettes to her eyes, nose, and cheeks. I also used that same color to contour the sides of her nose to give her that wide-nosed look of the Navi.

Hope all of you enjoyed your Halloween... did any of you big-kids dress up? What did you send your little ones out as? I've always enjoyed Halloween... so much fun. Now bring on Thanksgiving!! ;) LOL

*Update- Temptu Pro posted this pic on their Facebook Fan Page! <-- Click to view! :)

xoxo Trinity


Drea J. said...

Aww Coco I'm totally jealous! Haha I couldn't pull off that Avatar costume without a few pairs of Spanx! I went as Lil Red Riding Hood & Karma was Dorothy! She was a hit with her red Nikes instead of ruby slippers ;)

trinity said...

awwww! i bet karma made the flyest baby dorothy in nikes... ever! Cause we all know her mama was the hottest lil red riding hood! ;)