Friday, June 18, 2010

April Photoshoots

Hey Glamouristas & Fexies! Hope you are all having a fab summer so far. I haven't been doing much in the way of photoshoots lately due to my intense work schedule and keeping up with the business. However I did want to share a few pics with you from a photoshoot in mid-April.

I had the pleasure of working with a very skilled photographer by the name of David Eckert. He along with another photographer, Charles, booked two models. This was the second time working with one of the models, "Twiggy Bladez", from Model Mayhem. Twiggy was one of the models for the fashion show Ashleye and I did in early April, Ashleye also accompanied me on this photoshoot as well... I love having her company and help, she's great!

Twiggy has a very unique look about her that's both unusual and captivating at the same time. Her eyes are piercing and she's the type of model who takes the lead while in front of the camera. I've worked with models before that needed coaching during the shoot; not Twiggy, this girl's got it.

Here's some of the photos I recently got back from the shoot... the first showcases what else, but her amazing eyes! The photographer requested a smokey, dramatic eye and super glossy lips. There's no telling how many coats of lipglass I applied that day! LOL

Twiggy is also sent clothing by designers, this is one of the animal-print jackets she was asked to model in exchange for the clothing. This look was tamed down a bit to flow with the more neutral tones in the fabric.

There was also a male model at this particular photoshoot. I will post his pictures soon... his shoot was fun, so stay tuned!! ;)

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