Saturday, September 4, 2010

On a Brush Hunt!

Ok my Glamouristas and Fexies... I need YOUR help! I've been searching, no, "hunting" for the goat-hair (or "capra") foundation makeup brush that Scott Barnes used in his recent "About Face" book.

It's not a circular head, rather it's more rectangular and looks more like a paint style brush. The bristles are a natural, creme color and it's supposed to be very, very soft. It's my understanding the brushes are cruelty-free due to using the "first cut" method... so the billy goats aren't harmed. Yay! :) LOL

Anyhow... I'm dying to try this brush because it's supposed to produce an absolute flawless application, so if any of my fab readers know where to pick this up, please post a response! Thanks so much for all of your help! :)

xoxo Trinity

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