Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 Blog Sale

Hey Glamouristas! It's been too long, I know... so much going on with me lately. 2011 has just NOT been my year. Hope you're all doing great. We have so much catching up to do! :)

So here it is... the 2011 Blog sale. I decided to clear out a gang of Bare Escentuals mineral eye shadow and blush products because I never use them and I figure that someone should be getting some use out of these fabulous colors. My best friend and I used to be really into BE. I spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on BE products throughout the years. I used to like their mineral foundation years ago while living in Hawai'i... but now that I live in Vegas and the air is so dry, I've switched to liquid foundations.

Now, I know there's been a BE "hate" vid circulating YT with some lady ranting on how stupid BE users are... to that I say "to each, his/her own". Whatever works for you is what works. I know that living in Hawai'i with the humidity and heat, a lot of liquid, creme, powder, and creme-to-powder foundations wouldn't hold up well without you having to retouch your powder every 30 minutes and after a few hours, your skin was packed with layers upon layers of product and it ended up looking rather cakey. With BE, I NEVER had that problem. Granted, I don't have bad skin, but my cousin, who has acne-prone skin and is very oily, also loved BE. It provided the right amount of coverage and remained matte throughout the day. Anyhooooo, I know quite a few people who don't use the foundation but love BE shadows...

Whew! I kinda got off topic here... bring me back, here we go! LOL The reason you're here is to check out the products I'm going to be selling. I'll be going through more make-up products over the coming months, so make sure that you follow the blog, if you're not already.

These products have been barely used, maybe swatched a few times, if that. As always, the prices are very fair, so please don't low-ball... not cool. ;)

If you're interested in purchasing, please comment the post or email me at: w/ subject line "Blog Sale"... Shipping will be $3 flat-rate Domestic, $5 International, so it doesn't matter how much you buy... even if shipping exceeds $3 for Domestic or $5 International, I'll pay the difference. Payments will be accepted through PayPal only, I will provide you with instructions once we agree on the sale. First to pay gets the item. Please let me know if you have any questions... Thanks! :)

xoxo Trinity

L-R, Row 1: Classic Rock, Gilded Taupe, Incense, Karaoke, Nice Pear.
L-R, Row 2: Disco, Bare Skin, Humor, Flamenco, Sublime, Beauty (blush).
L-R, Row 3: White Gold, Bahamas, Soul Sister, Bloom, Blue-ty Call, Dusk (blush).
L-R, Row 4: True Gold, Golden Earth, Legit, Water Lily, Dragonfly, Riches (blush).
L-R, Row 5: Stunner, Gold Mine, Opera, Beautiful Lisa, Skyline, Faux Tan (face color).
L-R, Row 6: Soul, Nice Rock, Amethyst, Rebirth, Skyline II.
$4.50 ea. OR $135 for entire 34-pieces (this saves $18.00)


L-R: Chanel "Silver" Ombre Shadow- $5.00. MUFE Star Powder #929- $5.00. NARS "Night Clubbing" Shadow (swatched only)- $5.00. Kryolan Gray Shadow (swatched only)- $4.00.

L-R: Lancome palette 1- $1.00. Lancome palette 2- $1.00. Too Face "Oooh LaLa" duo-shadow- $4.00. Urban Decay "Grifter" shadow- $4.00. Benefit "My Date's My Brother" creme shadow- $1.50.

All 5 NYX chrome shadows- $5.00.

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