Monday, November 16, 2009

First Blog Post... EVER!

Hey! So after months and months of having this blog site, I've finally decided to try and put it to some sort of use. If you follow me on Twitter or have subbed me on YouTube, you probably know that I'm not very active on YouTube anymore... my apologies! I just find it very hard to find the time and energy to sit down, record a video (possibly record it a few times), then spend hours editing and cr*p to get it upload-ready. I'm a very busy woman (ha!)... no, really, I am.

So, for my very first blog, I'm going to share a few pics of make-up that I did today for a lovely bride named "Liz". Her bridal party's color was "purple"... one of my faves! She wanted a smokey look, which I was more than happy to oblige... One thing to remember: you do have to be cautious when using trendy colors (like purple, blue) for things like wedding photos. You want to keep it elegant and sophisticated, ensuring the Bride acheives the look she's going for, while being careful not to go overboard resulting in dated-looking wedding photos. Before we go on, I do realize I need a "real" camera, but here are some from the Sony phone (hey, it's a CyberShot! lol) I'm waiting on her professional wedding photos, I'll be sure to post some later. Anyhow, here is Liz "before"...

Here is Liz "after"...

Here are the products used:
MUFE HD foundation (127), MUFE HD microfine finishing powder, Model in a Bottle (sensitive skin)
MAC "brown down" es, MAC "haux" es, MAC "nocturnelle" es, MAC "shroom" es, MAC "vanilla" es, MAC "nylon" es, MAC "print" es, MAC "carbon" es, HHC "black out" gel liner
HHC "brunette" quad
Maybelline Define-a-Lash waterproof, Red Cherry #47
MAC "gentle" mineralize blush, MAC "harmony" (contour)
MAC "dervish" lipliner, HHC "spice" lipliner, MAC "myth" ls, HHC "plump asset" ls, MAC "flowerosophy" lipglass


Trinity said...

Those lashes are perfect! :]

trinity said...

thanks, trin! ;)