Thursday, November 19, 2009

Interested in Sponsorship/Reviews??

So... you've been hearing about being sponsored or possibly doing a review for HHC, huh? Good! Keep reading!

In the past I received a lot of emails from blog sites asking for products so they could review them, yada, yada, yada, you know the rest. I really haven't been able to extend that opportunity to many people until now, and I have to tell you, I'm soooo excited! :) I've already had several very active and talented ladies inquire about doing reviews within the last day. As much as I wish I could take everyone on, there's just no possible way for me to do that, so I have hand-picked just a few for now. But don't worry... I'm positive that there will be more opportunities to come, just be patient with me (please?)!! LOL

Through the emails and messages on Twitter, I did notice that I was being asked quite a few of the same questions. Therefore, I thought I would share just a few of these questions/answers as they pertain to sponsorship and reviews.

Q: Do I have to have a YouTube channel?
A: That would be great, as it would increase views and exposure, but it's not necessary. This used to be a requirement for me, but it's no longer applicable. Personally, if you've followed my YouTube channel, you'll notice that I hardly make many videos myself these days, so I completely understand. You must however, either have a YouTube channel or a blog, some way of "spreading the word".

Q: If I'm sponsored by Harajuku Hunnies Cosmetics, does that mean I can't be sponsored with any other company?
A: Heck no! Ok, let's be real for a minute... I'm not Cover Girl and you're probably not a Ford model, and there's definitely NOT a million dollar check exchanging hands here. Therefore there's no contract and I don't own exclusive rights to YOUR face. I personally find it pretty absurd for small companies, such as myself, to restrict YOUR right to who and what you want to represent. You're a big girl, I'm sure you can make informed decisions on whose company and what philosophy you approve your face and name to be associated with.

Q: Is there a time limit on when the review or look has to be completed?
A: No. BUT (you knew that was coming, didn't you? LOL) let's make sure we're all on the same page here; if I send you free products for a look or review, you understand that this is in exchange for service/time. This is not a prize (see the difference?) No, I'm not a b*tch, nor do I care to be, so please don't take me there. However, if you get to know me, you will know that I'm very easy-going and I really don't let little things bother me. If you're busy, fine, I understand, just try not to blow me off for a month. There are nights in which I barely find time to sleep, so I know "busy"... But the reason I'm "busy" is because I'm handling business, therefore I expect those that I associate with to have somewhat similar values and work ethic. At the same time, I'm not one of those over-bearing cosmetic gurus who feel entitled to your every waking moment... If it's one thing I know, it's that the more you hold onto something, the harder it will fight to get away. ;) Are you feeling me yet? Do I need to keep going?

Q: I have severe allergies and am extremely sensitive to pets, smoke, etc... since you're a home-based business, I need to know if any of these apply to you.
A: I'm glad you asked! Aside from being asthmatic myself, Rod, Coco, and I are very sensitive to things like smoke, dust, and pets. You'll be happy to know that neither of us smoke, nor do we allow smoking in our home. Given our allergies, though we love pets, we simply can't own them... therefore you will never have to worry about your make-up being subjected to any of the above. When I create shadows, I am also masked and gloved for your protection and mine... so relax, hunny! ;)

Like I said, I'm pretty laid back. With that being said, I pride myself on excellent customer service and the highest level of professionalism. I refuse to get sucked into any drama involving other businesses. Some of what I have witnessed has been absolutely ridiculous and I have no desire to be associated with companies with low values, both personally and professionally. I am a firm believer that your company, and what it stands for, is a reflection of you. You will never find me bad-mouthing my customers on any site, all the while claiming to "love" them. I don't grumble and gripe about the valid concerns of my customers. Sadly, this is something that I've seen from other business owners and I find that to be a major turn-off, especially when I am a cutomer of theirs myself. I promise to always value the opinions and concerns of those who make what I do possible!

So... now that you've read it all, let me hear your thoughts. Do you uphold high standards for yourself? Are you a cut above the rest? From what you've read, is Harajuku Hunnies an extension of you? If so, let's talk! :)

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