Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Quickie Shadows on HHC!

Hey Glamouristas! So although I've had a lot going on these past few weeks and have been more than my fair share of "busy", I decided I needed to devote some time to developing some new colors. (Now if I can just find the time to master this blog thing! lol) Here is a preview of the new Quickies Shadows available on!

"Get Lucky"

"Mean Green"

"Bright Eyes, Bushy Tail"

"Oral Addiction"


"Too Deep"


"Here, Kitty Kitty!"


"Purple Majesty"

OHHHH!!! BTW, I'm looking for a few new faces to rep HHC! :) If you like what you see and do regular blogs, reviews, etc. with cosmetics, send me your link (with photos) and let's chop it up! Email me!! -->[] If you've got what we're looking for, you may get some free products in exchange for your time... and hello, like WHO doesn't like "free"? LOL


Aquaheart said...

I will take 2 of each! LOL
they are beyond amazing! :D

Jess(shades of gorgeous) said...

Purple Majesty! I need to have it! Too Deep too :)