Friday, August 20, 2010

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser; Gimme or Gimmick?

A while ago I received a sample of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser during a trip to Sephora... I used it once and felt immediate results. Needless to say, I went on to purchase a full bottle. The bottle I purchased was 1.7 oz for $15... pretty pricey, however they do have a 5 oz bottle for $38, which is more of a bargain if you anticipate continuous use.

Normally it takes a week or more to begin seeing or feeling changes in your skin once you switch products, but this little miracle worker got right to work.

I hate cleansers that leave your skin with a tight, dry, hard-feeling; the Soy Face Cleanser does the opposite. The morning after I first used it, I already noticed my skin felt smooth and softer, no tightness or dryness. I'm always up for trying products that promote a healthy, clean complexion, and the Soy Face Cleanser is definitely one of those skin care products that delivers, and I also like that a little product goes a long way. Bonus points for the Soy Face Cleanser for removing make-up too... I noticed I didn't have traces of waterproof mascara on my lashes as I normally would when using other facial cleansers!

The scent isn't extremely powerful but it does have a light, cucumber and rose-water scent. I do have to warn you though, the consistency is unlike most cream or foaming cleansers because this is a soy gel. You will notice it is a cloudy gel similar to Cetaphil's cleanser, however this has a much more slippery feel. Forget it, I'll be completely honest with you, it reminds me of um... "man juice"! LOL Think about it... soy = protein, man juice = protein too. Now, I know what you're thinking... but honestly it isn't that bad! I just couldn't think of anything else to compare it to! LOL

What two words would I use to describe the Soy Face Cleanser? Gentle and pure.

Gimme or Gimmick? Definite Gimme!

Below is what Sephora's website had to say about the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser:

What it is formulated to do:
Soy Face Cleanser, Fresh's most popular cleanser for all skin types, is an extra gentle, fragrance-free, multi-tasking gel formula that instantly whisks away every day impurities, removes makeup, and is safe to use on the eye area. Safe for use on the eyes, it's face maintenance made easy. Plus, it's soap free and will never leave behind a film or residue.

What else you need to know:
Soybean extract is a valuable protein that protects the skin and improves texture and resiliency. Soybeans provide amino acids that are essential in helping the skin to retain moisture maintain elasticity and preserve a smooth appearance. They contain a high concentration of isoflavonoids, a type of polyphenol that exhibits antioxidant properties. Soybean germ extract is derived from the soybean; after the hulls and oil are collected, the remaining flakes, which represent this valuable protein rich extract, are crushed into a fine powder.


Marie A.K.A. ReeReeKins said...

Only you would nanage to put 'man juice' in a beauty blog! hahahaha...

Widdlesh said...

You're so funny!
I tried the Soy Fresh moisturizer and really liked it, maybe I should try the cleanser too!

trinity said...

lol@ree!!! well, you know me. hey, at least you knew exactly what i was talking about and what to expect! lmao

Drea J. said...

I have their moisturizer & primer! Haven't really used the primer much but I love the moisturizer!

...oh and uh lmao @ man juice. That's better than buzz lips!

trinity said...

drea- i've never tried any of their other products... i'll have to pick up their moisturizer! :)

and yes... man juice that you get to wash off is much better than jizz lips... ANY DAY! lol