Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sally Hansen La Cross Double Curl Lash Curler Giveaway!!!

Hey Glamouristas & Fexies!! It's finally time, I'm about to get the giveaways poppin' on many of the products you have been waiting so patiently for!

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I recently did a review on the Sally Hansen Double Curl Lash Curler... I absolutely love it! I think it's about time some of you get to share this love... so how about a giveaway?!!

Here are the rules (and yes, you MUST follow these, and no... there are NO exceptions!)

1.) You must be a US resident (there are 50 states... do you live in one of them?) & be 18 yrs. or older, if not, get parental permission por favor!
2.) You must follow my YouTube (MissMauiMac) <-- click it!
3.) You must follow me on Twitter & RT this giveaway (HarajukuHunnies) <-- click it!
4.) And of course you have to be following my blog! (um yeah, that's this page you're on right now!)
5.) Comment this post with your YouTube name, Twitter name, and tell me why you want to try the Sally Hansen Double Curl Lash Curler!

(Legal mumbo jumbo time) Lastly, this giveaway is being hosted by me. I am not in any way affiliated with Sally Hansen, nor have I received this product in exchange for promotional favors (this means I bought this with my own money... be grateful! ;-P). You agree, by participating in any of my contests, giveaways, etc, not to hold Celestial Ambitions Inc. (Harajuku Hunnies), or myself liable for any damages or injuries you sustain in connection to this giveaway or product. It is YOUR choice to enter, if you do not agree, please do not participate!

All entries submitted by 11:59 (PST) Sunday, August 15th, 2010 will be considered. Now have fun and good luck! :)


hhhp12 said...

follow my YouTube as hanhnguyen4 follow you on Twitter & RT this giveaway as hhhnp12
following your blog! as hhhnp12
I want to try Sally Hansen Double Curl Lash Curler because I had never curl my lashes before.

Marie A.K.A. ReeReeKins said...

lets see...YT name is ReeReeKinz....twittaaar is ReeRee_MUA...

and why do I wanna win? Because I have yet to find a lash curler I like!

Mari said...

-I am subscribed to your YouTube! (queenmari14)
-I RT'd about your giveaway!
-I want to try this lash curler because Ive never tried a Sally Hansen products!

Nice giveaway! =)

Lourdes said...

My YouTube: vicebeauty
My Twitter: vicebeautyblog (or @lourdes_g)

I want to win this curler because I have short, straight lashes that need all the help they can get! LOL Yay!

KRIS said...

My yt name is Krischeer50 twitter name @kristin41750
I have an elf eyelash curler which is pretty cool BUT a double lash curler would be awesome!

xoxoxkarinaxoxox said...

xoxoxkarinaxoxox I should win cause I was blessed with half curled lashes and half strait as hell lashes...yup half and half! plus they are very short and thin. Its hard to find a good lash curler...I'm still searching for one that will curl all my lashes evenly.

karina said...

I just realized that my other info didn't come up. Here it goes...

youtube name: XoXoXKaRiNaXoXoX

twitter name: oxoxkarinaoxox

re-tweet: check

should I write reason why I should win again? oh well, here it goes

I shiuld win cause I was blessed with half curled half strait as hell lashes. plus they are short and thin. its hard to find a curler that will curl my lashes evenly.

TheSharpTeethOfLove said...

YouTube subscriber-TheSharpTeethOfLove

Following and tweeted @KissesForUsAll

Following blog!

And I want to try this because my lashes need all the help they can get!

Murphette said...

youtube: glossedoverme
twitter: mizzprice

I think I'm following via google ready as MizzPrice.

This looks so nifty and if I only have to use it once, that's only one chance to pinch my eyelid or poke myself in the eye instead of the usual two or three! lol

icitea said...

Youtube: lepetitevoix
twitter: icitea (i rt'd!)
le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

I really need this because I accidentally broke my one and only eyelash curler today while trying to 'clean' it. Someone told me that bacteria gets in it so I should periodically clean it, and now... now when I try to use it, it pulls my eyelashes out. It makes me cry, literally and figuratively : (

Alisa said...

So sad your giveaway is for US residents only. Anyway, nice giveaway!

bella gureishi said...

YT: 26heroine

twitter: bella_gureishi

blog follower.

I would love to win the sally hansen Double Curl Lash Curler coz i haven't tried it before and as I watch your review video I think I love it. Thanks

bella_gureishi At yahoo Dot com

Drea J. said...

Of course I'm already following ur blog ;)
The tiz-ube: theglamorousmiss
Twitter: MakeupDrea

And I want to win to put it where else?? In my kit! Lol or maybe not this time u never know o_0 loves ya girl!

Nina said...

Youtube: JohnCenaL0ver
Twitter: I don't have a twitter! :(

The reason why I want to win is because the eyelash curler I have right now is a cheap one I bought from the dollar store. The refill pad is worn out and I would love to try out this eyelash curler!

KariKari said...

Youtube: GoddiValdi
Twitter: GoddiValdi

I would love to win this because I've never owned an eyelash curler and I have no idea what to look for when trying to get one! I'm going to trust your review : )

thank you!

KimiKorpse said...

youtube: KimiToxxxic
twitter: kimitoxxxic
i would like to win this because my lashes are super straight and i have been needing a lash curler for the longest time

Julia said...

I have never found a lash curler I liked, so I've been going without, but my lashes seem to be straighter now more than ever!? Thanks!

YouTube: eyecre8art

Annabelle said...

YT: Annabelle78
Twitter: AnnabelleKnits

I have super-duper long azz lashes and have never found a good curler to keep them from bumping my glasses :o(

trinity said...

Annabelle- on behalf of all the short, straight-lashed hunnies, let me please say, "we don't like you!" LOL j/k!!! ;) lucky girl, i wish i had that problem!!!