Sunday, August 15, 2010

Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Giveaway!

Hey beauties! It's finally time for the Parian Spirit Giveaway!!!

Back in June, when we attended IMATS in LA, I picked up the Parian Spirit show special... a 16 oz bottle, travel spray bottle, and brush cleansing jar all for $20. To think... I almost bypassed this booth until ReeRee reminded Mia and I. Luckily we were able to pick up our goodies before heading back to the hotel.

The "selling-point" for me was when the young boy at the booth hit me with his sales pitch- I was sold! I swear he could have sold me lint right from my own pockets at that moment, with his adorable, little, face-painted self! LOL I have since fallen in absolute LOVE with this brush cleaner!

Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner will thoroughly and gently clean all of your oil-based makeup, adhesives, spirit gum (for all of you theatrical beauties), including clay, dried acrylics and dried latex from all makeup brush materials. It's so versatile, you can also use Parian Spirit to remove adhesives from wig lacing and hair-pieces, you may also want to try it on false lashes to extend wear. Not only will it effectively disinfect and kill bacteria, if immersed for approximately one-minute, it pulls double-duty by also conditioning brush hairs and fibers. With Parian Spirit, you don't have to worry about harsh cleansers ruining paint or wooden brush handles, because it is so gentle... after all, it is created with real citrus fruit and boasts no artificial colors or fragrances. You do know what this means, right?? It extends the life of your brushes, and who doesn't love that?

As if this wasn't enough, it has the FASTEST drying time I have ever experienced. Being a make-up artist, time is of the essence. You must work fast, and if you're working on multiple clients, you probably have a pretty large set of brushes for your kit... with that being said, those of us who work with multiple clients, can attest to the importance of having your brushes ready to go. With the more popular brush cleaners (I've used MAC and Sephora), which leave your brushes semi-clean and wet, it proves quite difficult when you are being pushed for a quick-turn. The wet brush may also force you to instinctively rub the brush back and forth more times than necessary, decreasing the longevity of your brush and causing bristles to flare and lose its shape. Your brushes should only be moistened when you need them to be... for instance when you're packing on loose pigments or bringing out bold colors. There are times when a moist brush may ruin your make-up... such as certain matte shadows. Here is where the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner soars above the competition- it is practically dry by the time you have finished wiping the make-up from the brush! This means you can bang 'em out, bang 'em out! LOL

Not to say this brush cleaner is only for the professional, because it's not. This product is all-natural, meaning it is safer for you and the environment too! Another bonus is the fact that the cleaner can be used to effectively remove make-up stains from clothing... yes, men, this means Parian Spirit might be of interest to you too! ;)

For spot cleaning and quick turn-around time, I recommend hitting the bristles with a few spritzes from the 2-oz travel spray bottle. For total disinfecting and deep cleaning, use the immersion tub and plastic grate to gently work make-up from bristles.

If you know me, you know I am not only a certified addict, I am also a "hoarder" too (according to Rod... LOL) This means I wanted to purchase another set at IMATS, but was advised against doing so because the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner is made from real citrus, Levon suggests it should only be kept for about 6-months. Basically, treat it as you would a perishable food-item.

I have never seen a product work as wonderfully as Parian Spirit does... and no, I am not paid or endorsed to make these statements. However, I was so amazed by the efficiency of the brush cleaner, that I was compelled to write Levon Parian, himself... to which he agreed to help sponsor this giveaway!

If you are in Las Vegas, please visit Star Costume & Theatrical Supply on South Valley View, near Chinatown... this is the ONLY location in all of Nevada which carries the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner. This truly is my brush-cleaner of choice, there is no other competition!

If you are interested in winning the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner spray or travel wipes, please enter my giveaway!

Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Giveaway
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2.) Comment this post with your YT name, Twitter name (if applicable), and why you would like to win.
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4.) Please be 18 or over (parental permission required if underage).
*Contest is open to everyone... everywhere! This is because I believe everyone... everywhere should experience this great product! Contest will run until 11:59 pm, Sunday, August 29, 2010.


(Legal mumbo-jumbo time) Lastly, this giveaway is being hosted by myself and sponsored by Parian Spirit. I am not in any way affiliated with Parian Spirit. You agree, by participating in any of my contests, giveaways, etc, not to hold Celestial Ambitions Inc. (Harajuku Hunnies), or myself liable for any damages or injuries you sustain in connection to this giveaway or product. It is YOUR choice to enter, if you do not agree, please do not participate!


A Makeup Junkie said...

YouTube name - deannario
Twitter name - deannario

I would LOVE to win this because I'm ALWAYS looking for a good cleaner and I would LOVE a product that is all natural.

Drea J. said...

Tube: theglamorousmiss
Twitt: makeupdrea

Man, being that I am still a teeny bit pissed I couldn't go to imats OR tms this brush cleaner would make me reeeeaallyy happy lol ;) it was on my lists of things to buy.

Sadia Chowdhury said...

Youtube : SadiaChowdhury
Twitter: Ms_Flames

I have been dying for good brush cleaner and i think this is perfect for me!

Julia said...

YouTube: eyecre8art

Would love to win because I've heard only great things about this product and would love to try it! Thanks!


Marie A.K.A. ReeReeKins said...

YT: ReeReeKinz
Twitta: ReeRee_MUA (like you don't already know all this lol)

And to think you were gonna leave IMATS without getting this!! I agree with you totally. I've tried MAC, Sephora and even a local grocery store brand(which actually does a better job than MAC or Sephora), but none can hold a candle to Parian Spirit. Any MUA that doesn't have this in their kit is surely missing out! and the price is not ridiculous.

And yes...I do wanna win even though I already have some lol.

hhhnp12 said...

I follow your blog as hhhnp12
YT name is hanhtnguyen4
Twitter is hhhnp12
I had heard lots of good thing about this product before, but I would like to try it out before I buy it. I am glad it is made out of natural product. Thanks for having this contest.

Thifa said...
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Onjel said...

I was on the fence about getting this brush cleaner and the Cinema Secrets one, but in the end chose Cinema Secrets. I think when I finish it, I'm going to try this one because I'm not a fan of the scent the cinema secrets cleaner has though it does work pretty well. =/

KRIS said...

yt name: Krischeer50
twitter name: Kristin41750
After using the essence of beauty crappy brush cleaner for so long I'd love to try something new. After seeing how this cleans and dries this is def something I feel I need.

KariKari said...


And I would like to win because that was amazing! Lol i've tried Sephora and it kinda sucked at cleaning my brushes and it kinda ruined them too so I was thinking about trying MAC but after seeing your review I WANT THAT! thanks!

Victoria said...

wow! Enter me please! I'm a follower on your blog via GFC as VIctoria and on youtube as inVictoria ^^.

I'd like to win because I do not know if I can find in my country and I think that it absolutely is a perfect cleaner!!

Thanks :)


Alisa said...

Follower - Alisa Guk
Youtube - AlisaGuk
Twitter - AlisaGuk

So great that you opened this contest for everyone all over the world! Thanks a lot! I really would like to try this cleaner, because my brush collection has grown over the past year and I never used a cleaner, only shampoo. I'm also planning to do makeup on other people, so fast brush-cleaning will be a must, and I think this product will work wonders )) Thanks again!

Anonymous said...


I glad to see that this contest is open to the public. I'm an aspiring make-up artist in Jxn, MS. So this product will come in handy. Thanks again for putting this contest ou there.

Gekia said...

Twitter G_Marie_
I want this cleaner because I'm OCC with the cleanliness of my makeup and makeup brushes and this product seems to clean thoroughly and fast.

Missbrown2010 said...

I follow this blog :D
I'd love to try this remove makeup stains from clothes! AND for my brushes (obv.)
missbrown10 at hotmail dot com

Jackee said...

Hi there.

youtube name: jackeetm
Twitter name: BrokeCuzOfNKOTB

I would LOVE to win because I have heard so many wonderful things about this product from so many people and would like to try it out myself.

Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

youtube: Chunkysmama1
twitter: AshleyeEyes

O.M.G i would so love to try this cleanser for my brushes. You have no idea how much the cleanser i use now complicates my life. <3