Thursday, July 29, 2010

The More The Make-Up Merrier!

What's up glamouristas and fexies!

I'm looking to hold a contest or giveaway VERY SOON, but first I need YOUR help! As soon as I hit 150 blog followers, it will be on! Here's where I need your help- please get the word out for your friends, followers, subbies, etc. to follow my blog!

You want to know what you can win, don't you? Well, of course you do! LOL Once we hit 150, I'll post a video to my YouTube channel and also post here on my blog regarding prizes.

To be a winner you must:

1. Follow my blog!
2. Participate on blog posts (Let's keep it interesting! I like reading your comments/responses when I log-on!)
3. Subscribe to my YouTube channel

Simple, isn't it? Now let's get it poppin'!!! ;)

xoxo Trinity


K&T Makeup Artistry said...

Can't wait! You know that I am going to try and bring some traffic to your page!

trinity said...

LOL thanks mama! I appreciate that, I knew I could count on you (especially since you're the giveaway queen lately!) LOL :)

Drea J. said...

Yeah leave it to us to pimp ur blog on Twitter and everywhere else lol but we do that anyway even without potential free goodies :)

trinity said...

LOL @ Drea!!! Round 'em up, twinny-twin-twin! (Oh yeah, and the winner will be sure to get these giveaway prizes...) o_O LOL

Alisa said...

Can't wait for your giveaway!! I will try to tell about your work to my friends!

Sadia Chowdhury said...

Cant wait for the giveaway! :0 Ill RT about you on twitter! :)