Friday, July 23, 2010

Photo Shoot With Male Model- Brandon Lundby

Hey Glamouristas & Fexies! I've been meaning to share these pictures from a photo shoot I did a few months back. This was a fun shoot because it was my first male model. Believe it or not, Brandon is only 16 and has amazing presence in front of the camera. 

The photographer, David Eckert, is extremely talented and patient. This particular shoot was booked to try out new lighting techniques on-set.

The first set was more of an editorial-style shoot. I concealed his blemishes and evened out his skin tone using the Graftobian Super Creme Palette. To make his features and bone structure more prominent, I also contoured around his nose, cheeks, and jawline. With the same shade used for facial contouring, I added a little shape and depth to his eyes. I groomed his brows and added a single, light coating of mascara just to thicken his lash base and "open" up his eyes. His lips were kept natural with a bit of Aquaphor and a flesh-toned lippie.
The second shoot was more high-fashion/creative. David and the other photographer had a vision, they gave me a rough sketch of what they wanted, and asked me to create a look based upon their sketch.

The checkered print was created using everyone's favorite... NYX Jumbo Pencils in "Milk" and "Black Bean"! :) I added MAC's 3D Gold Glitter on lips and also used it to fade out the black strip across Brandon's eyes.

The shoot lasted approximately seven-hours, with two models and four sets altogether. We had a quick pizza break in between, though I didn't get to eat until after the pizza went cold... guess that's the life of a MUA on-set (who's lucky enough to even get to eat)! LOL

Luckily I had Ashleye there with me to keep me company and also assist with make-up and brush-cleaning between models. I've posted more photos of the shoot below. Feel free to ask questions if you have any... I always love hearing from my subbies! :)

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Drea J. said...

Hey I missed this post! Ever since u posted these pics on Facebook I've been dying to know more about it lol. Glad I found this post. One more cool point for the smart phone lol