Monday, July 26, 2010

Review Time- Sally Hansen La Cross Double Curl Lash Curler; Gimme or Gimmick?

Right before going to IMATS last month, I ran into Walgreen's to pick up a few essentials for my trip... and by "essentials", I mean stuff I didn't really need. LOL

Of course I browsed the cosmetics aisle, after-all... how could I not? I picked up a few Sinful Colors nail polishes (which were great, btw) and also this nifty little contraption, Sally Hansen's new La Cross Double Curl Lash Curler.

At first I was a little skeptical and almost passed on purchasing it. If you've watched my "5 Products I Regret Purchasing" video, where I ranted about the horrible Mally curler, you'll know that I haven't exactly had the best experience when it comes to eyelash curlers.

If you take one look at the Double Curl, you'll notice a feature that sets it apart from traditional lash curlers; the double bar. With traditional curlers you have a single curved bar, whereas this curler has a second bar running parallel and a little higher to the first bar. This revolutionary design gently curls your lashes in two spots at once, results: a more natural, graduated curl.

The design works flawlessly for me, I have yet to pinch my eye or feel like I'm pulling out my lashes when using it. I love the pink grips rather than loops, making the curler appear more advanced than its predecessors. I also like that the curler comes with four pads, one in the well and three replacements. The pads differ from the norm, while most pads are flat topped, these have grooves to accommodate the double bars.The pads are of perfect firmness also, not too soft to where you run through replacements, or too hard.

I would not say the double bar feature cuts down on the actual time you spend curling your lashes, however it does give you the highly sought-after natural, relaxed curl, rather than the harsh crimped look... otherwise known as the "OMG!" crimp that has you looking like someone just scared the religion out of you! LOL Again, if you've watched my videos, you'll know that I have about five eyelashes, stick straight, and they like looking at my toes... Unfortunately I was not blessed with full, thick, curly lashes. :(

With lash curlers in the past, I would need to gently pull and slide the curler down my lashes to achieve a natural curl (though I do not recommend anyone doing that, as you risk pulling out your lashes and pulling the delicate skin on your lid). However, with this curler, I no longer need to sacrifice a nice, natural curl or pulling my lashes out!

Overall, I would definitely recommend picking this up. It's roughly about $7 (including tax), which isn't bad considering you have four pads, where most lash curlers come with two, that alone doubles the life of the curler.

Below you will find some comparison photos, enjoy!

My Natural Lashes Before Curling

My Natural Lashes After Using a Traditional Lash Curler

My Natural Lashes After Using the Sally Hansen Double Curl

If you've tried this, let me know how you like it... if you have a better recommendation, I'd love to hear about it! Be sure to follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more information on a possible upcoming giveaway of the Sally Hansen La Cross Double Curl Lash Curler!


Lourdes said...

I want this!!!!! I have short lashes that grow straight (parallell) and are difficult to curl. Haven't seen it around here though. We're always behind.

trinity said...

LOL we're twins!! Check your local Walgreens, that's where I found mine. I haven't seen it anywhere else.

Hillary said...

I own this product, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. It's a lot better than the eyelash curler from Mabelline. Do not purchase Mabelline's curler, it does nothing!

trinity said...

Hi Hillary! Thanks for posting, that's awesome that you like the curler... haven't tried the Maybelline curler, but it can't possibly be as bad as Mally's... can it??? LOL ;)

trinity said...

Uh oh... Hillary. I think I accidentally hit "reject" instead of "publish" on accident! :( sowee!!!

Rina said...

Wow I really wanna try this. I've also had issues with eyelash curlers I will check my Walgreens next time i'm there.

trinity said...

Hi Rina! You should definitely check it out, I love mine. No more "L" shaped lashes for me! LOL

Anonymous said...

I have one and I love it!!! Unfortunately, they stopped making this version, I think they replaced it with Give 'em the eye??, but I'm not completely sure, but I do need a new one because my spring broke. =(

Mindymag said...

I also love this product but I can no longer find it....very sad :(

Mindymag said...

I too love this product but can no longer find it anywhere! I need replacement pads or an entire new curler but they are no where to be found! :(

Mindymag said...

I too love this product but can no longer find it anywhere!

trinity said...

@Mindymag- they've discontinued it. You can try Sally's Beauty Supply... they have similar curlers under a different brand. It's a few dollars more but worth it! :)