Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soft Summer Bridal

With wedding season in full-swing, I decided to do a bridal tutorial using soft-pink tones. Always a fan of color, I find myself instinctively wanting to throw some tasteful teals or pretty purples on my own lids... but I resisted! LOL A lot of bridal make-up is kept very simple, most brides request a "natural" or more "beautiful" version of themselves. Often times their request is due to a comment made by the Groom, as we all know that most men claim to not like a lot of make-up on women, but here's a secret between you and I... most men can not differentiate between what is make-up and what isn't!

With that being said, here is a bridal look that I put together using the Harajuku Hunnies "Babydoll Bride" Menage-a-5 Palette. I kept the application fairly light and focused on more neutral tones so that the make-up would still be pretty, yet not overpowering to the point where it would compete with your natural beauty or the glam of your wedding gown.

Product List

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse "Sandy Beige"
MUFE HD Powder

Harajuku Hunnies Brow Quad "Brunette"

MAC "Plum Foolery"
MAC "Harmony" (contouring)

Harajuku Hunnies Eye & Lip Primer
Harajuku Hunnies Menage-a-5 Palette "Babydoll Bride"
MAC "Haux"
MAC "Shroom" 
Harajuku Hunnies Pick-Up Lines Gel Liner "Black Out"

MAC Lip Liner "Dervish"
Harajuku Hunnies Lip Slick "Strip Search"
MAC "Deliciously Rich" (layered over "Strip Search")


*Yuli Andrea* said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your work!

i'm trying to get my work out there and i'm starting with this ->

let me know what you think and i would love any advice :) thanks!

trinity said...

thanks girl! :) and good luck with your blog!! :)