Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Star Costume & Theatrical Supply, Las Vegas- & Info On Upcoming Giveaway!

This past weekend, I took a trip down to Star Costume & Theatrical Supply located at 3230 S. Valley View, Las Vegas, to purchase another Parian Spirit Brush Cleanser specifically for my kit. As most of you know, I attended IMATS last month and one of my haul items happened to be Parian Spirit.

I loved my Parian Spirit cleanser so much that I couldn't say enough about it and many of you have requested a review on my blog and /or YouTube channel. I am in the process of working on this request and hope to have a sponsored giveaway featuring Parian Spirit very soon!

I will post a haul video sometime this week detailing my purchases, in the meantime, I wanted to do a quick post regarding my recent visit to Star Costume.

Upon entering, you can't miss a large sign with store policies prohibiting customers from taking photos, or trying on costumes for the sole purpose of taking photos, to name a few. I made sure I received permission from the Store Manager (I forgot his name!) before breaking out the Canon.

The bulk of my time was spent at the make-up counter, of course, LOL! It was there that I met Jennifer Rice at Kryolan, also owner of, an online apparel and wig site focusing on none other than Tokyo Street Fashion! Please check out her website by clicking on the link above.

Jennifer was nice enough to show me some fun Kryolan products, including their amazingly bold "Shimmering Vision" Palette, an 18-color array of sparkling treasures with shades from every color grouping you would ever need. The consistency of the product was smooth and easily blend-able. We also played with the "Viva" palette, which blew me away! The Viva palette is water-activated and will return to its original state once dry, meaning you can mist water directly onto the shadow itself and not have to worry about ruining the whole shadow! The color intensity of both palettes were extremely satisfying, especially for the color-junkie in me.

Although the Viva & Shimmering Vision palettes were a bit on the pricey end, the sticker price really doesn't seem that bad once you realize how much product you're receiving, not to mention the quality of the make-up. I am definitely putting these two items on my shopping list! :)

Jennifer awesome, she also gave me a goody-bag with four Kryolan products to review.The organza bag included a tinted moisturizer, face primer, lip primer, and amazing matte gray eyeshadow. I've already used most of the products since receiving them, with the exception of the face primer, and have loved the results thus far!

The tinted moisturizer worked great this weekend while shopping & going to the gym, when I needed some moisture to battle the desert heat, but would rather skip an entire face-full or product.

The lip primer is excellent, very moist and blends superbly, unlike most other lip primers that are too dry, resulting in tugging of delicate lip surfaces and/or patchy lips.

I absolutely loved the gray matte eyeshadow, it's a wearable, easily blend-able, silky-feeling shadow. I pressed it onto my lashline this weekend to enhance eyes, yet keeping the appearance very natural.

I will publish a post sometime in the upcoming week or two, focusing specifically on the Kryolan products.

The majority of the costume shop was dedicated to, well, just that- costumes! Aside from make-up, you can expect to find tutus *LOL*, leotards, dresses, dance-wear, traditional costumes, as well as props, acessories, wigs, and shoes. Here are some photos below... enjoy! :)


K&T Makeup Artistry said...

I need to go to my theatrical store...NOW!!!

trinity said...

"yassssssss gurrlllll!" LOL Star Theatrical is the business! :)